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Assembly Tips



Preparation for acrylic solvent glue-downs

Peel away protective paper so that the solvent does not
      seep onto the face of acrylic.

    • Be sure that work surface is clean and level.

Wipe glue surfaces free of dust with tack-free cloth.

Place pieces together to determine where you want
       to place them so that you will not smear solvent later
    Acrylic Component Glue-Downs

    • Method One - Needle tip Glue-Down

    • Method Two - Dip Method Glue-Down
   Method One -Needle tip Glue-Down

Tip the column component backward slightly.

    • Place column component on base in position.

    • At 45 degree angle squirt acrylic solvent until
       it fills void under column

    • Place column down firmly move slightly as needed.

    • If bubbles visible lift and repeat , using more acrylic solvent.

    • Leave idle for at least 1 minute before packing.

 Method Two -Dip Method Glue-Down

Use this method when working with multiple awards.

    • Squirt a puddle of acrylic solvent on a glass plaque.

    • Carefully dip bottom of column into solvent making
       sure not to dip too deep.

    • With a solvent soaked bottom place column on base.

    • Press firmly.

    • If bubbles are apparent, pull off and repeat process.

    • Practice-Practice-Practice .